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About us

Welcome to Damia

Since 1978 Dutch trading house Damia B.V. has been supplying many customers in West Africa with agricultural, mining and automation inputs, and a very wide range of other goods required in this area. Often this is in co-operation with local companies with whom we have support agreements.

We have executed supply contracts with international organisations such as World Bank, USAID, IRD and also handled complete EU sponsored projects as procurement agent.

During the years we have established strong relationships with our main suppliers, resulting in preferential treatment which we can pass on to our wide range of customers.
Our staff with mostly over 20 years of experience in procurement and logistics, has all the skills to handle the needs of our clients’ projects.
We are located in the middle of The Netherlands, not far from international airport (Schiphol) and seaports Rotterdam and Antwerp.
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Trading house for West Africa

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Damia B.V.

Brugakker 6225
3704RD Zeist
Postbus 145
3700AC Zeist
 +31 (0)30-2657592
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